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Grind Duo, POUND, Will Blow Your Mind With Their Math-tastic Chaos

Posted by on May 25, 2018 at 1:33 pm

Seattle's Pound are something else. A duo combining a 9-string baritone guitar, and two drums kits, might sound like the recipe for the sort of drum & bass jam band you might have heard before, but they are anything but typical!

With a dash of dbeat, grind, djent, math, chaos, and melody, they're basically the groovy mixed salad of metal we've been waiting for. They're about to drop a truly experimental new self titled album, via Silent Pendulum this July, and you can grab your pre-order now!

Check out the premiere of their track "x.—.x.—.x.—.x.—" via Decibel, and keep up with the band via their Facebook page.

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