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GHOUL Breaks Out Slow Riffs on New Song "The Nectarnomicon"

"Could the Nectarnomicon be their savior?"


Ghoul is back with a brand new song (and possible ancient curse) "The Nectarnomicon." Ghoul tells us The Nectarnomicon is an unholy book that not only tells the world of horrors previously unknown, but it has some killer home brew recipes in there too! That, plus the song has some seriously chunky riffs.

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"After the onslaught of Abominox on their town of Creepsylvania, Fermentor of Ghoul remembers his lowly origins as a slave at vineyard," said the band. "There, under the heel of a cruel and depraved vintner, he first encountered the unholy book from whence Abominox and his ilk, the Mouldy Ones, gained a foothold in our dimension. It also had some sweet recipes for home brew. Could the Nectarnomicon be their savior? Does the world have a lifeline? Will he remember to tell the other Ghouls after he sobers up?"

Download a copy of "The Nectarnomicon" (and everything else Ghoul has ever done) here.

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