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Get Your Fill Of Riffs With THE SKULL's (Ex-TROUBLE, Ex-CATHEDRAL) New Song "Ravenswood"

Also members of Sacred Dawn and Witch Mountain.

Also members of Sacred Dawn and Witch Mountain.

The Skull is dropping their second full-length album The Endless Road Turns Dark on September 7 and it's going to riff you right into the grave. Get started on your dirty interment into the ground now with the band's new song "Ravenswood," which again – riffs.

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So how does The Skull rock so damn hard? Easy! Their lineup is ex-Trouble vocalist Eric Wagner and bassist Ron Holzner, Sacred Dawn guitarist Lothar Keller, Witch Mountain guitarist Rob Wrong, and ex-Cathedral drummer Brian Dixon. The band's new album was engineered and recorded by Sanford Parker (Yob, Tombs).

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