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Ex-THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Guitarist Ben Weinman Streams Trippy New Song "It Is Nothing"

It's very electronica heavy.

If you heard The Dillinger Escape Plan's final album Dissociation, you're already familiar with the weird electronica-heavy music that guitarist Ben Weinman makes. If you didn't then you're in for a huge surprise. Weinman is now streaming his new song "It Is Nothing" featuring Seven)Suns violinist Earl Maneein (who also played on Dissociation), which was previously only available to Weinman's Patreon contributors.

This song goes out to all the hunters, hunting for life who can't spend any money but are still selling rice. Maybe living for the weekends, but those days never come? You'll say on your deathbed that it was all dumb. This song is a meditation and features the beautiful Violin work of Earl Maneein. Use it to free yourself of your chains.

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Stream the song below and enjoy the visualizer by Oleg Rooz.

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