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EMMURE Posts Super Heavy New Song "Pigs Ear" Alongside Album Teaser

Posted by on November 1, 2019 at 12:21 am

Emmure was in the studio earlier this year and now it seems we're about to start hearing what they were up to. Emmure has just unleashed a brand new track called "Pigs Ears" that, despite what you might've thought about the band prior, legitimately kicks ass. The siren noises rule, the riffs are groovy and simple, and the weird industrial breakdown toward the end seems like it leads into something else. I'm a fan.

As of right now "Pigs Ear" is a standalone song. Emmure also took to Instagram to post HINDSIGHT IS 2020, which I would guess probably means there's a record called Hindsight coming in 2020.

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HINDSIGHT IS 2020 // emmurecult.com

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