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CRAWLING FOR CARRION Deliver Bombastic Melodic Doom, with Rake And Roads EP

Posted by on November 7, 2018 at 1:09 pm

Since the explosion of doom bands like Pallbearer and Khemmis, the metal world has been basking in tons of great melodic doom metal bands coming to the fore. Crawling For Carrion are coming at you hard and fast with their own unique brand of truly punishing doom metal.

This thrilling covers EP, features two tracks, 'Rake' by Townes Van Zandt and 'Roads' by Portishead. The soaring vocals have a sense of forward motion and intensity that you don't often find in this scene and they are executed in a way that fuses the best of traditional doom with some of the most exciting new concepts in the genre.

Over the top, and almost Sabbathian in scope, their new ten-inch, Rake And Roads is an honor to debut for you here. It showcases a truly exciting new band who seem to have not just a unique approach but a quality of execution that really sets it apart.

Project main man Chris West had this to say:

“I arranged, recorded and mixed the two songs on the EP separately. I’d spent a long time working on the arrangement for Rake and was meticulous with the recording and mix. In fact I scrapped the mix twice and restarted until I ended with something I was happy with. Roads came together much faster and I took an entirely different approach to contrast it with Rake. The riffs and the arrangement are very simple so we jammed it in the studio a couple of times and then recorded a take of main guitar and drums live together. With the guitars down in a low F you can’t be too precise with that anyway. It has a looseness and live quality I really like and pairs well with Rake.”

Jam it now:

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