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Check Out These Slam Covers Of STATIC-X & DEFTONES Songs

Posted by on October 26, 2019 at 11:09 am

If you've ever wanted to hear slam covers of bands like Korn, Deftones, Slipknot and more, then Imploding Sounds has you covered. The label will be releasing a compilation of slam and death metal covers of nü-metal tracks titled Dead Bodies Everywhere: A Slam And Death Tribute To Nu-Metal on February 14.

The track list is as follows. You can also hear Ophiocordyceps covering "I'm With Stupid" by Static-X and Penguin On Fire covering Deftones' "When Girls Telephone Boys" below.

Cockoroch – “Here To Stay” (Korn cover)
Guttural Engorgement – “Leech” (Limp Bizkit cover)
Penguin On Fire – “When Girls Telephone Boys” (Deftones cover)
Aborning – “Get This” (Slipknot cover)
Angelic Assblast – “Dig” (Mudvayne cover)
Aceldama – “Awake” (Godsmack cover)
I Tore My Eyes Out – “Bodies” (Drowning Pool cover)
Ophiocordyceps – “I’m With Stupid” (Static-X cover)
Atoll – “Loco” (Coal Chamber cover)
Throat Bleach – “People = Shit” (Slipknot cover)
Smothered Bowels – “Duality” (Slipknot cover)
Domestic Terror – “Never Get Caught” (American Head Charge cover)
Acephaly – “Birthmark” (Deftones cover)
Phyllomedusa – “Spit” (Kittie cover)
Daedon – “Down With The Sickness” (Disturbed cover)
Gorebones – “Nookie” (Limp Bizkit cover)
Big Chef – “Break Stuff” (Limp Bizkit cover)
Ruptured Gangrenous Cloaca – “Bawitdaba” (Kid Rock cover)

[via The PRP]

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