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Check Out HIGH ON FIRE's New EP Featuring CELTIC FROST & BAD BRAINS Covers

Posted by on April 16, 2019 at 12:31 pm

Record Store Day 2019 saw, among a slew of other cool releases, a brand new EP from High On Fire. The release contained a new instrumental called "Bat Salad," a cover of "Into The Crypts Of Rays" by Celtic Frost, and a cover of "Don't Bother Me" by Bad Brains. Keep in mind the below video is just a vinyl rip, but it still sounds pretty good! Bat Salad as a chunk of three songs also kicks ass because Matt Pike is really good at what he does, which should be obvious by now.

Don't feed the Discogs hawks for a copy of Bat Salad either – Rough Trade has a few copies available here.

[via Revolver]

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