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Check Out DECAPITATED & VADER Covering Polish Thrash Band ACID DRINKERS

They shred.

Polish death metal bands Decapitated and Vader are both featured on the new Acid Drinkers tribute album, Ladies And Gentlemen On Acid (A Tribute To Acid Drinkers). For those unfamiliar, Acid Drinkers are a thrash band that have been around since 1986 and who are still active.

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Decapitated took on the song "Fuel Of My Soul" from Acid Drinkers' 2008 album Verses of Steel, while Vader took on "Dancing In The Slaughterhouse" from 1997's Infernal Connection. It should be noted that Decapitated's performance also features Polish multi-instrumentalist Macio Moretti and LXMP. Here's what Decapitated had to say about their cover.

“Many bands and metalheads were inspired by Polish Metal Legends @aciddrinkers_official and Decapitated is not an exception. That’s why with big pleasure we took a part in this amazing project and prepared a cover of one of their songs.

We have added blast beats, ultra-speed of the double-kick provided by @james.stewart.drummer , the sickest and the longest screams on the scene delivered by @rasta_decapitated and sick guitar solo by @hubertwiecek which all made a death metal version of ‘Fuel of My Soul‘. This time we teamed up with Macio Moretti and LXMP and created a mix of death metal, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas style with a ‘Brasilian Octopus Taste’!!!
Sounds interesting?

Check out ‘Ladies and Gentlemen on ACID’ !!!”

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