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BROJOB Is Literally The Gayest Deathcore Band You've Ever Heard, And It's Amazing

Posted by on March 4, 2017 at 11:23 am

Deathcore's hyper-masculinity has long been documented and now one band has taken that hyper-masculinity to its's next obvious level: homo-deathcore. Meet Los Angeles' BROJOB.

Brojob take all the tropes of deathcore's hypermasculinity and throw it back in your face with a gay slant. This can be either be taken humorously, or for some who are less comfortable with their sexuality, offensively. But it all seems in good fun, and ultimately, the actual music cuts the mustard. BROJOB seemingly popped up overnight and only have a few singles out. They exploded all over Facebook with their Valentine's Day single, "Be My Valentine" which features vocals from Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator. If you don't laugh within the first five seconds of this lyric video, BROJOB isn't for you:

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BROJOB have done what no other deathcore band possibly ever do – get me to sit through WATCHING an entire lyric video, including their previous single, "Talk Shit, Get Kissed," which is like the gay aggro version of Body Count's "Talk Shit, Get Shot"

One song with a place close to my heart is "Erection Injection," I can't say that people haven't jokingly called this very website that name in the past:

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The self-proclaimed Penetration Administration are not just a joke, they are supporting a good cause as well. BROJOB is selling a t-shirt with all proceeds going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The band is getting such a buzz, and sucking so many dicks, they even caught the attention of Thy Art Is Murder frontman CJ McMahon, who announced recently that he would be appearing on the band's next single:

Naturally, not everybody enjoys a good BROJOB, and the band have been getting some negative feedback, but they seem to be dealing with it well, using an interesting method of intimidation:

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We have no idea who BROJOB is, but whoever it is – they are clearly the most original deathcore band since the invention of the genre. They have even taken to adding deathcore soundtracks to wrestling matches:

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They also have some reworkings of famous Born of Osiris ("Bow Down" becomes "Chow Down") and Suicide Silence songs, but I personally prefer their original material.

Where do you stand on BROJOB?

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