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Break Your Own Neck With GOROD's New Song "The Sentry"

Y'know, because it's fast and groovy.

Y'know, because it's fast and groovy.

Gorod has been good for a new album every three years and 2018 does not break that streak. Gorod will release their new album Aethra on October 19 and they're streaming a breakneck, groovy new track called "The Sentry" right now.

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Vocalist Julien Deyres says the song showcases a new side of the band while retaining everything people dig about them.

“The concept behind ‘The Sentry‘ is that of worldwide myths and beliefs concerning the owl, and more specifically the barn owl. This nocturnal bird that is almost always associated with the moon in many different cultures is also generally considered as a guardian of the kingdom of the dead. This explains the title, and the lyrics are a global presentation of how human beings can perceive a same symbol in different places in the world.

We chose to release this song first because we see it as a good introduction to the new material on this album. This track is “straight in your face”, groovy, fast, and also showcases a brand new melodic orientation in Gorod‘s music.”

Don't forget to pre-order the record, and check out our kickass exclusive interview with the band here.

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