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Mind bending tasty jams inside!

Mind bending tasty jams inside!

I'm pretty excited for new band on the block, Azusa, who are made up of seasoned veterans in Extol, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Sea + Air. Together they calculate a bountiful mix of mind bending progginess, with everything from moody rock to ominous hardcore, while maintaining a level of catchy hooks that make it impossible to look away. In short, it rules, it's new, and you ought to jump on board!

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Azusa just released another killer track via Revolver, titled "Heart Of Stone" off the upcoming album, Heavy Yoke, which you can hear below. The song displays the top notch craft you can expect from the band, in a more relatively straight ahead kind of way. Turn up your speakers and give it a go ASAP!

Pre-order the upcoming Azusa debut, Heavy Yoke, available via Solid State Records on November 16th.

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