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Listen: DEFILER Were Inspired By TRAPT's Twitter Meltdown To Parody "Headstrong" & It's Hilarious

Posted by on March 27, 2020 at 1:12 pm

Remember the Trapt meltdown? Felt like it happened two months ago, but it only happened last week. Yes, it was only nine days ago that it started Some friends reminded me that it's actually still going on today. Trapt got into it with Trivium's Paolo Gregaletto today. Anyway, the reason I bring this up, even though I thought I wouldn't ever again, is because Bay Area metal act Defiler were inspired by the entire affair to parody Trapt's lone hit, "Headstrong."

To be honest, I can't remember a time in the last decade when people talked about Trapt any more than this moment, so kudos to them on the free publicity. Here's the song, and the lyrics are right under it.

Circling circling circling your head

Contemplating every tweet you’ve ever sent, now I see your streaming numbers bruh, two million and two point six on Pandora, See you later
“I’ll make what you will make, in a year in a single weekend, bitch”
See inside, this hundred cap venue,
It should be over

See you should come see me, chris
Put me on that guestlist

Chris Brown, I’ll take you on
Headstrong, get scraped by anyone
Your fifteen minutes are gone
Said you were Headstrong, but you’re wrong
Chris Brown, I’ll take you on
Headstrong? won’t take on anyone
You know that you are wrong and the internet is not where you belong

I’ll take your 13 fans away
They don’t, listen to anything but this song anyway

Conclusions manifest, your one hit wonders got to be your very best, we know you’re full of shit and that’s alright, playing shows to 40 people every night, that’s forever
You’re blaming local bands, for low attendance, you’re the headliner, that’s your fault
So boast about, 500 cap rooms yeah,
But they’re all empty

And I can’t wait til you hit
Me with a cease and desist, pussy fuck

Chris Brown, I’ll take you on
I hit you up, Thought you’d take on anyone?
Your ex band mates were not wrong
They’re Headstrong, and you’re a dork
We one live 40 minutes apart
Time and place, pack a lunch, buddy I’m not far
Shoutout to Metalsucks, Rockfeed, Loudwire spreading the good word about this clown

I’ll take your 13 fans away
They don’t, listen to anything but this song anyway

Who the fuck, uses pandora anyway?

Step to me, chris
And maybe we’ll share a kiss you fucking weak suck

Pants down, I’ll suck you off
Headstrong, I’ll suck off anyone
Drop trou, let’s see that dong
Cause we love, the big dongs
Chris Brown, we’ll take you on
Bring it on and get stomped by anyone
fifteen minutes long gone and this is not, where you belong

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