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Japan's LADYBABY Features Neither A Lady Nor A Baby As It's Frontman

This kawaiicore thing is getting serious.

This kawaiicore thing is getting serious.

A few weeks ago, our videographer Frank Huang traveled to Japan and captured a set of music from Ladybeard, one of the most bizarre acts we've ever seen. Ladybeard is an Australian cross-dress who combines singing and pro-wrestling and some death metal vocals to create his stage show. He is originally from Australia and has been signing Kawaiicore "and looking as pretty as possible" for over five years.

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And right now, he's having a moment.

Ladybeard live Related Video: LADYBEARD live at Raw Otaku Attack Vol.3, Mar. 21st, 2015
One of the strangest things you'll ever see. Watch…

You see Ladybeard has teamed up with two young girls to form a new band, Ladybaby – clearly a response to the Babymetal boom, and the band just released their first single, "Japan Manju" which is basically a J-pop-meets-death-metal song about Japanese commercialism. Oh, and it kinda rocks:

Interestingly, Forbes reports that costume company Clearstone is funding the group in exchange for wearing their costumes, which are for sale. So this guy is basically a marketing genius.

Their full-length album is expected on July 29th. Wow. We thought Baby-Maid… the all-female group dressed in maid outfits was out there, but Ladybaby currently takes the cake.

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