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HOMELESS APIANS Recorded A Song On Garbage Instruments Powered By The Sun During The Eclipse

Posted by on October 18, 2017 at 1:12 pm

Thank You Scientist bassist Cody McCorry's other group Homeless Apians is a bit different than his main group, namely that all its instruments are made from stuff they find. The band labels itself "Recycle Rock" and it's a pretty apt label, though it's also worth noting the music speakers for itself! Homeless Apians plays a brand of pretty wonky-sounding rock that'd be right at home opening for Primus in the 90s, or pretty much any grunge band way back when.

Homeless Apians recently did a video for a new song called "Gunset," which shows off the band playing its literal garbage instruments and powering the whole shoot by solar power during the solar eclipse. Hell of a headline, right? Anyway, check out the strangeness below and definitely give Homeless Apians a spin here.

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