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Full Album Stream, The Monday Grind

The Monday Grind Full Album Stream: RANK AND VILE redistribution of flesh.

Posted by on October 14, 2019 at 12:30 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with a full album stream of Rank and Vile’s redistribution of flesh.

Maybe you were wondering earlier today if you were in need of a lethal dose of death metal, deathgrind or grind? The answer is yes. We have them all. We have some groovy, groovy tunes for you here. There’s enough filth in the tracks to follow to fill a small island.

Portland, OR’s Rank and Vile are a relatively new band, having begun back in early 2018 and only having an EP to their name titled chameleon bastard. And as far as new bands go, these guys know how to write a good song. Despite being new, their albums are full of interesting hooks and heavy as hell riffs. You’ll also notice that the band writes their album titles and songs in lowercase with periods at the end. If that irritates you, I don’t know what else to tell you except get over it. It’s a stylistic choice. It’s their band, they can do what they want. Onto the music.

redistribution of flesh. opens with “apotheosis.”, a quick swell of distortion, a quote from Hellraiser and we move straight into groove territory. Rank and Vile opens on more of a death metal note than a deathgrind one. However, moving into the later territory is quick and the track gets underway. It’s not a billion blasts per second though. “apotheosis.” remains more of a death metal track, almost like something you’d hear on a Gatecreeper track but if Magrudergrind burst in on occasion and sped things up. “cabal therapy.” keeps things moving with a stronger death metal influence. The track grooves and then brings the blast. But it doesn’t just fire away and go back to the death, it lets itself come down a bit. However, after that, it’s death through and through, and man is it catchy.

“omb.” continues to kick it death metal but intersperses it with grinding blasts. The track is bluesy feeling with its guitar work. However, once the title track comes on, the true deathgrind comes ripping out of this beast. This track is brutality incarnate; blasts are immediate and Rank and Vile kick up a nice punk feeling before falling back into some deathgrinding goodness. “gray goo.” Follows in a much similar vein but is more wholly a death/deathgrind offering. More tasty riffs, excellent drumming, and brutality dished out by the second. The breakdown bears plenty of teeth as well.

I want to bring up “killdozer.” too. Which is an account of the actual killdozer incident. If you don’t know about it, look it up. The song itself is a fucking killdozer on its own, and it roars like thunder.

“global schaphism.” and “the grigori.” wrap up the album. The aforementioned is one of the most grinding tracks on the record start to finish. The latter is a little bit of everything we’ve heard from the band thus far. Overall, redistribution of flesh. is a vicious grinder of a debut from Rank and Vile. Plenty death metal, deathgrind, and grindcore to go around for all. Even if you’re not sold on one of the other genres, there’s something here for you. Get grinding on this!

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