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GATECREEPER Streams Surprise New Album ​An Unexpected Reality​

Everything from grindcore to funeral doom.

Gatecreeper is now streaming their surprise new album ​An Unexpected Reality​, whose runtime includes a handful of grindy songs and one seriously slow one.

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"I've had the idea to do a record like this for a while," said vocalist Chase Mason. "In 2020, we were supposed to be touring all year. Once everything got cancelled, we decided it was the perfect time to turn this idea into a reality."

Mason also points out that having ​An Unexpected Reality​ showcase two completely different sides of the band was inspired by Black Flag's 1984 album My War.

"When I was getting really into sludge and stoner metal like the Melvins and Eyehategod, they always referenced the B-side of My War," said Mason. "Hearing bands talk about not just a record but a specific side of a record, I thought that was really cool and it always stuck with me."

Stream ​An Unexpected Reality​ below an grab a copy here.

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