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DAUGHTERS Burned A $1,400 Royalty Check



Daughters' guitarist Nicholas Sadler clearly is looking for attention on the Internet, and here it is. He's posted a video of himself burning a royalty check for $1,400. According to ThePRP, the check was from Robotic Empire, who released the band's 2003 effort Canada Songs. You can watch the video below, but I'm calling bullshit on the whole thing right now.

Initially I wanted to be pissed off that Sadler burned so much money instead of giving it to a charity or doing literally anything else with it… and then I remembered that you can just cash checks on your phone by taking pictures of them. Do you know how many checks I've cashed on my phone and then ripped up a few days later once I saw the money was posted? A lot. So who's to say Sadler didn't do exactly that and then burned the check as a publicity stunt? No rational person burns $1,400.

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