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CALL OF THE VOID's Alex Pace Starts "Mediocre Cooking" The Best Worst Cooking Show I've Ever Seen

Posted by on August 6, 2017 at 12:01 pm

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Alex Pace, bass extraordinaire for the mega talented grinders, Call Of The Void, then you already know his off kilter brand of humor. A thirty something going on seventy something, with a temper problem and a killer dad bod to boot, the dude is simply a riot in real life. So it comes as no surprise he's now starring in a cooking show, because what else does he have going on? It's been like 8 whole months since COTV put out a damn release! Which you can grab via their Bandcamp page, if you're into awesome grind.

Anyway, more about Mediocre Cooking, which happens to be the absolute worst cooking show I've ever seen, for all the best reasons. It's like watching your grandpa fly off the handle because he "doesn't understand how to work the VCR machine" level of fun, with a bigger mess to clean. The good news is that they're super short, so you can't go wrong.

Give a couple episodes a try below, and subscribe to the Mediocre Cooking channel to keep up with it. Who knows, he might wind up on an episode of Taste Of Metal someday!

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