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Ethan Embry Vows Revenge Against GWAR, 25 Years After Empire Records

Posted by on May 31, 2019 at 2:03 pm

Sure, 1995 was a big year for movies. We had the first Toy Story, Heat, Braveheart, Casino, The Usual Suspects, Seven and Goldeneye to name a few. But for my money, the best film of the year was Empire Records.

That's because Empire Records was the only film to prominently feature the most brutal band in this galaxy or any other, GWARRRRRRRRRRR. As a refresher, the character of Mark, played by Ethan Embry, is eating a pot brownie as he's watching a live GWAR performance. Mark imagines himself hoping on stage with the band, playing guitar, until he gets devoured by the World Maggot. Here is the scene:

Well, it's been almost 25 years and Ethan is ready for revenge. Embry noticed GWAR was one of the confirmed acts for Riot Fest this year and tweeted he would be in attendance to finally get his revenge.

Hopefully, Embry climbs on stage, only to be killed again. Also, one fan picked up on an interesting bit in this tweet – was Mark a virgin?

Embry chimed in:

[via A/V Club]

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