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These POST MALONE Fans Are Just Hearing About OZZY For The First Time Thanks To New Collaboration

Posted by on September 8, 2019 at 10:58 am

Some pop fans are getting quite an education in heavy metal this week. We learned some Taylor Swift fans are finding out who Tool is for the first time, due to the prog rock band unseating the pop star from the top of the charts. Turns out, some Post Malone fans are just now learning about Ozzy Osbourne.

One of the godfathers of heavy metal has been revered by music fans for decades, but some in the newer generation are just learning of his powers thanks to a new collaboration with Post Malone and Travis Scott. Over 85% of our polled readers gave a favorable review to the track.

Here is the track, by the way:

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Some Post Malone fans seemingly want to check this Ozzy guy out.

Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta posted these screenshots on his Instagram congratulating Post Malone for exposing a new generation to Ozzy, however, some fellow musicians were a bit peeved.

It's hard to tell if these kids are being serious, or trolling. I found a few other tweets but these folks immediately fessed up to messing around.

But, don't let the minority fool you. There were plenty of folks excited for the collaboration.

In conclusion, yes some kids never heard of Ozzy before. But, it's fine. Thank you for reading. Here are some underground bands worth your time.

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