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MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine Doesn't Hate Anything… Well, Except These Things…

We found three things Dave does hate.

We found three things Dave does hate.

Dave Mustaine is done recording the new Megadeth album (a new track is being promised for later this week) and so he's been very active on Twitter these last few days, and I noticed a trend. People would ask him "why do you hate [some thing] and he would clarify he hates nothing. Hate is a pretty strong word after all, and Dave is in a relatively zen phase of his life.

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When asked why he hates Metallica…

When asked if he hates Glam Rock…

A similar question was asked last month:

Also, last month, somebody asked why he hates Obama:

See, Dave Mustaine really doesn't hate anything. But wait, what's this? We did a search of his Twitter account specifically for the word "hate" and guess what? Dave Mustaine does actually hate at least three things…

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We found (at least) three things Dave hates! Yes, today is a slow news day.

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