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Famous Album Covers Recreated with Pokémon Characters

it's pretty well done, and funny as hell.

it's pretty well done, and funny as hell.

Pokémon in 2016 is a very, very real hype. Between Pokémon Go and the new games that are coming out, I'd venture to say that this is probably one of the most popular times the franchise has ever seen. Which is why a page like Pokécovers absolutely needs to exist. The page takes submissions of fans altering any artist's album cover to include a Pokémon from what appears to be any generation of the game.

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Some of them are absolute genius, as you'll see below. from Gojira and Pantera to Deafheaven and Rush, and much further beyond into the classics like Mercyful Fate, they're genius. Don't forget to check the page out too! There are tons more on there across a lot of different genres!

12072663_1483791625256255_2501934175036381802_n 12196025_1488151354820282_8646735559349529766_n 12308380_1494920654143352_1350064431278819862_n 12923380_1529445914024159_4969035119340959399_n 12920387_1530294527272631_2446005244404670626_n 12985344_1533102743658476_7069455019467877308_n 13119113_1537508469884570_3689921331729109383_n 13315274_1547946265507457_4971794111624504697_n 14446216_1585750548393695_7409457172621654132_n 14502795_1586264935008923_7143919618624976510_n 14462768_1588797654755651_4255354531992432477_n 14606248_1589204914714925_327322078762808928_n 14713766_1591660074469409_7846434064056522996_n 14680534_1593523674283049_8481142124717518842_n 14641938_1593529960949087_3205911799344485399_n

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