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Artist Turns Pocket Change Into Guitar Picks

Posted by on January 25, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Want to make your guitar playing even more metal?  Etsy artist duo Dustin and Stephanie are selling guitar picks made from old coins of various metals to add that Brian May-esque bite to your tone. 

An Etsy post shows 50-State Quarters, Indian Head Buffalo nickels, and copper coins all molded into the familiar geometric wedge seen in the standard picks.  A veritably full spectrum of plectrums, the site features both a Wheat penny and a fetching JFK half-dollar version.

Just when I thought the world had satisfied all my guitar-related whims (try not to laugh at this, e.g.), it sets me back with an impulse buy like this.  Numismatics and guitarists: united at last.

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