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SEPULTURA's Derrick Green Talks Career-Encompassing Album Quadra, Overcoming Adversity & Creating Songs that Matter

They are one of the defining bands of thrash and groove metal. For 35 years and counting Sepultura have been…

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Reminder: The Nominees for GRAMMYs 2020 Best Metal Performance Are…

The nominees in the 2020 category of the Best Metal Performance Grammys might be the most diverse bunch yet, in…

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EYE FLYS (FULL OF HELL) Streams Filthy New Song "Tubba Lard"

Specifically Full of Hell guitarist Spencer Hazard.

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Sean Reinert's Husband Comments, Members of the Metal Community React To His Untimely Death

We are still stunned from the news of the sudden death of drummer Sean Reinert. The former Cynic/Death drummer was…

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Former DEATH / CYNIC Drummer Sean Reinert Dead at Age 48

Sean Reinert, founding drummer of Cynic and one-time drummer in Death has passed away. Reinert was found unresponsive in his home late Friday…

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MARILYN MANSON / THE MARS VOLTA Bassist Juan Alderete In A Coma After Biking Accident

Juan Alderete is known for his bass work in acts like Marilyn Manson, The Mars Volta and Racer X. Sadly,…

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The SCORPIONS Bizarre Disco-Themed Appearance on German TV, 1979

Written by Hermann Rarebel, ("Herman Ze German," drummer for the Scorpions from 1977 until 1995), and vocalist Klaus Meine, the…

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TESSERACT Guitarist Launches New Crossover Band CAGE FIGHT

James Monteith gets all thrashy up in here.

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SLIPKNOT Invite 5-Year-Old Drummer Who Went Viral To Hang Out, In A Very Cool Moment

Remember five-year old drummer Caleb H.? He was seen earlier this week, rocking out hard to Slipknot on their current U.K.…

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Former NILE/DIVINE HERSY Bassist Joe Payne Dead at Age 35

Joe Payne, who has played bass in bands like Nile and Divine Heresy has passed away. He was only 35…

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Viral SLIPKNOT Drummer, RAMMSTEIN Tour & 8 Other Stories You Missed This Week

How is January almost over? It is, and here's what you missed this week. Viral 5-Year-Old SLIPKNOT Fan's Cover of…

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CAPTION CONTEST: Enter Your Funniest Caption & You Could Win A Free CD From Our Giveaway Pile

First thing's first: Last week's winner! Congratulations to Drock1505, who had the best zinger: “I actually know how to spell…

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ORIGIN, BENEATH THE MASSACRE Announce North American Tour Dates

The spring is going to get a hell of a lot heavier as Origin just announced they'll be hitting the road…

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AT THE DRIVE-IN Frontman Alleges Church of Scientology Poisoned & Killed His Dog

In 2017, At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala spoke up and said his wife, Chrissie Carnell…

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STONE SOUR Posts Demo Of "Inside The Cynic"

The one from the Freddy Vs. Jason soundtrack.

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SUFFOCATION's Cover Art For Pierced From Within Has Always Been The Wrong Color

Something went wrong in the process of transferring the artwork.

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Ticket Prices for RAMMSTEIN Stadium Tour Revealed

LA has already sold out.

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THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From ANNIHILATOR, MIDNIGHT, and More Out Today - 1/24

This week's new heavy metal releases include thrash legends, weird darkness, dooooooooooooooom, and more! To the metals...

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FAITH NO MORE Announces London Show To Benefit Australia

All proceeds will go to Australian fire relief funds.

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Absolutely beautiful cello music.

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We have a whole section of the site where we spotlight Celebrity Metalheads, but this story is in reverse. It's…

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SLAYER Warns Against Counterfit Ticket Sales For Nonexistant 2020 Comeback Performance

As much as some fans might find it hard to believe, Slayer seemed pretty serious about their last show ever this…