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Tour Dates

Plus Brand Of Sacrifice and Ov Sulfur on some dates.

Music Videos

It doesn't hurt that Chuck Billy is on this song too.


Everyone from Cannibal Corpse to Opeth!


"Bands like Shadow Of Intent give us hope for the future. They are completely past the era of petty genre bickering and proudly wear...

New Music

A slightly slower, equally crushing effort.

Mashups & Covers

If you're still waiting for some new Necrophagist like the rest of everyone, then here's hoping this crushing cover holds you over until then...

New Music

It's real heavy and has some great orchestral touches.

Music Videos

It's some pretty deathcore-y death metal, and it's real good.

Tour Dates

Suffocation, Devourment, AngelMaker, I AM and I Declare War will be on some dates.


Avenged Sevenfold made no secret of their conservative views in the past, like in the song "Critical Acclaim," where vocalist M. Shadows exclaimed “If...

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