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WAR CLOUD Chug Beers & Ride Motorcycles Like Proto-Metal OGs In "Chopper Wired"

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Emerging from the same smoke-induced riffs as proto-metal greats Deep Purple, UFO and Black Sabbath, War Cloud is a stoner metal band on the conquest to decimate heart rhythms. Having released their self-titled album Sept. 8 via Ripple Music, these dudes are proud to present the debut of their music video "Chopper Wired."

Fat fucking riffs are a staple for this young California band, but that isn't to say they are wide-eyed innocents stumbling around this thing called rock n' roll. With Hatfield-like guitars and Bonham-pounding drums, this is a psych band for any fan of Motorhead, early Metallica and 80s badassery.

Like the band's bio states, "This is modern metal sophistication dipped deep in ‘70’s heavy fuzz rock."

Posted by on October 3, 2018 at 12:18 pm

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