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Mexican Death Grind Masters THANATOLOGY's Brutal Video for “Ironía y Cocaína” Endorsed by CATTLE DECAPITATION's Travis Ryan

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If unhinged brutal death/grind that never quits is your thing, then Thanatology might be your new favorite band. Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico you're immediately swept into the emergency room for a pulverizing time on their latest EP, Un Legado de Negligencia Médica (Capítulo 1ro), which was released back in March on Negligent Records. With vocalist, Dr. Bautista, being a real life doctor with a practice in Mexico, the band inherently brings a genuine aesthetic to the gruesome reality of life and death, and the procedures in between. If you haven't picked up the EP yet, go grab that now!

We're stoked to bring you their latest music video for “Ironía y Cocaína”, which is heavily endorsed by Cattle Decapitation's Travis Ryan, who chimes in about his love for the band:

"I've been a fan of, friends with and following THANATOLOGY since around 2001 or so. The ideas of Dr. Bautista are very fresh, even after seeing countless bands dress up in doctor's outfits worldwide and seeing them play some version of grindcore or goregrind over and over again. THANATOLOGY expounds that idea by bringing us into their surgically sterile world of a bizarre clinician and his trauma unit – a crack team of grindcore aficionados ready to show the world their brand of grind that's quickly becoming notorious as something that must be experienced live."

Pretty grim, eh? Don't forget to grab their EP here, and check them out on tour this July.

Upcoming Procedures ~ Make an appointment at one of the following locations:
June 9 Berkeley, CA – Bay Area Death Fest
July 21 Trutnov, CZ – Obscene Extreme Festival
July 22 Trutnov, CZ – OEF After party
July 27 Palatine, Il – Durty Nellie's – Chicago Domination Fest
August 4 Tijuana BC TBA

Posted by Metal Injection on June 5, 2018 at 12:48 pm

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