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ALL THAT REMAINS' Oli Herbert Signed Over All of His Possessions To His Wife in A Will A Week Before His Death

Posted by on January 14, 2019 at 12:17 pm

The story of the untimely passing of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert has another odd wrinkle. Herbert passed away at 44 years old in October, by drowning in a lake behind his home that was "inches deep" according to the Currant's viewing of police records.

Herbert's wife claimed in a statement that a toxicology report found anti depressants in his system, but she has since removed that statement and been relatively inactive on social media until today. The case is still unresolved, with police investigating the death as suspicious. People close to Oli have been searching for answers, with conspiracies being thrown around about possible causes of death. One of the points of contention by friends of Oli that were concerned about his death was the signing of his will a week before his death.

A new report from The Hartford Courant adds to the conspiracy as they confirm that Herbert signed a will on October 9th, a little more than a week before his death. Herbert named his wife, Beth, the executor and sole beneficiary of the guitarist’s estate. It explicitly stated that Oli's sister, Cynthia, not receive anything from the estate.

The odd part of the story is that the will was notarized at a local car dealership in Hartford by a friend of Beth's and there is no attorney signature on the will, and no indication that any legal representative actually looked at the will.

Police continue to investigate and the article notes that while Beth was initially willing to talk to authorities, all inquiries now have to go through her lawyer, Anthony Spinella.

It should also be noted that the message she posted a few days ago about trespassers on her property has since been removed from Facebook.

Read The Hartford Courant's entire report here.

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