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Album Review: THE KILL Kill Them...All

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 3:03 pm

Blind rage overload like a boss. Melbourne, Australia's finest thrashy grinders named after a Napalm Death song on Scum, The Kill, are back at it. Known for their abrupt, punchy songs and incredible speed, The Kill are one of the who's who of modern grind.

Though unlike much of the scene, they're a band of humor and sensibility. Something that's tied closer to a satire and commentary than a band that spits out political and personal vitriol. And though they started chruning out prickly rage back in 2000, their latest offering is only the band's sophomore release. Those that remember Make 'Em Suffer, which featured an incredible cover of Slayer's “Necrophobia,” will note that the band has only served to step up the game.

The Kill's 2012 banger was a raging, massive, nineteen minutes of pure, unadulterated grind and thrash. If you thought you knew the band during their killer Soundtrack to Your Violence EP, you didn't. Make 'Em Suffer was a raw, caustic savagery that left the listener both laughing and gripping their headphones with nerve shattering glee. Now enters Kill Them…All that adds an extra bag of insults.

An album as straightforward, and as utterly bombastic as Kill Them…All is difficult to critique because one finds themsevles walking the tight rope on two ends: the songs offer little in terms of variety but are all so utterly PhD for the genre. The album is monotone in the sense that it is grind worthy to the point of reducing your speakers to ash. There are few breaks throughout the album, plenty of leads, and drums that would make most professional boxers blush. Throughout the twenty-six minute trek everything moves so goddamn fast and hits so hard it leaves the listener wondering what's up and what's down. Let that play into your idea of strengths or weaknesses as you will, though the genre of grindcore is seldom known to relent, much less show mercy. And The Kill is, and has, been offering none of that bullshit.

What makes Kill Them…All a unique addition to their already split and EP heavy catalog is the recording quality. The Kill has never sounded better. Make 'Em Suffer was a great sounding record and was still raw to the bone but Kill Them…All brings a better balance to the band's incredibly energetic sound. It's something that, as distorted, heavy, and punchy as it is, falls on rope that is both rough but cleaned up just enough that it doesn't sound over produced. It's not recorded in a tin can but the drums and guitars are at their most stand out on record by the band thus far. Some may prefer the more distorted, clashing sound of previous releases however.

Kill Them…All is also The Kill's most critical album yet. Advertising itself as being packed with a “bag of insults,” it lives up to such disclosure. Their pieces are at their most skin melting yet. Pieces like “Heavy Metal Professional” and “Instant Fighter” are both hilariously written but deservedly critical; especially “Instant Fighter” which paints the picture of the very idea of the “Do you even lift, bro?” guy in spades. It's a friggin' smorgasbord of steroids. But then again, so is the immensity of Kill Them…All.

The Kill haven't evolved. Have they made a better record? Yeah, absolutely. Kill Them…All is their most vicious offering to date. With critical nods to horror films, current event fanatics, and a plethora of other things, The Kill are a band that deserve to be heard not just because they're critical, but because they write some of the best damn tunes when it comes to thrashy grindcore. Those that enjoy bands like Fuck…I'm Dead, Municipal Waste or Gridlink will find something to love here. Hell, if you love hyper fast music with a critical eye and a sense of humor, you'll dig The Kill.


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