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Quick Review: AEVITERNE - Sireless

Posted by on May 3, 2018 at 12:40 pm

Today, we are looking at New York-based Death Metal trio, Aeviterne. Recently the band popped up to show off their brand of technical death metal with their debut EP, Sireless. The band has already given their first offering from Sireless early this month entitled “Spring of Mirrors”, which makes up for half of this release. Garett Bussanick (guitars/vocals) takes on an old school death metal approach mixed with a more technical death metal style, causing Sireless to sound like a blend of Unleashed and Immolation. It's chaotic but technical at the same time and doesn't slack on the quality. For a band made from the ashes of Flourishing by, now former, members Bussanick and bassist Eric Rizk, it's easy to see where the talent comes from.

Photo by: Amy Mills

Throughout “Spring of Mirrors” and “Inborn” Aeviterne stick to a simple motto of "quality over quantity." While many bands try to stuff each song full with as many “cool riffs” as they can, Aeviterne keeps the tracks consistent and enticing with their style. The incredible musicianship of drummer Ian Jacyszyn maintains a technical and almost tribal tone most prevalent in the second half of “Inborn." Alongside Jacyszyn’s consistently impressive work are examples of Bussanick’s time in Tombs rubbing off on his style.

“Inborn” sees Bussanick's blend his technical abilities with the normally monotone style of black metal. It creates a riff that sounds simple at first but expands to sound much bigger with each play. On first listen, the main riff to “Inborn” sounds like a constant hum. It seems like Bussanick is playing the same note over and over again. Yet, on subsequent plays, you start to hear some of the added extras; there are more layers to the song's technicality without detracting from others. Finally, when you put it all together with Jacyszyn's skillful drums and Rizk’s thunderous bass you get what can only be explained as sheer power.

Needless to say at this point, this is a release well worth checking out and Aeviterne are a band you should keep your eyes on. These guys will become death metal mainstays, as long as they stick to what they've got nailed and Sireless is only the beginning of the mayhem

Score: 8.5/10

Buy Sireless now from P2 Records.

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