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Metal In The Mainstream

Rap Group RUN THE JEWELS Talk About Their Love Of Heavy Music

Posted by on April 20, 2018 at 1:11 pm

If you've ever heard Run The Jewels music, you'd probably assume Killer Mike and El-P are into some heavier stuff. Their delivery is fierce, but the backing tracks are genuinely heavy in a pretty industrial, riff-heavy way.

Now the band sits down with Revolver to talk about seeing Metallica way back in the day, the darkness and catharsis of metal in general, and El-P seeing The Melvins while tripping and then buying a ton of their records.

El-P explains “I just like heavy music in general. Heavy rock and heavy metal and heavy rap and heavy everything. Anything that gets to the more emotional and dark side of music.”

Killer Mike reveals that he got into Black Sabbath by watching the Road Warriors crush skulls in the NWA coming out to "Iron Man." They also give a big nod to Aerosmith for their collaboration with Run DMC for helping introduce them to rock.

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