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WITHIN THE RUINS Is In The Studio Making A "Different Sounding" Record

Posted by on May 6, 2016 at 3:59 pm

Within The Ruins released arguably its best record in 2014, titled Phenomena. Now the band is seeking to top the phenomenal Phenomena with an even better record in 2016! One with new bassist Paolo Galang holding down the low end, one recorded by guitarist Joe Cocchi, and one with vocals engineered by Jim Fogarty (Killswitch Engage, The Devil Wears Prada).

Below is an announcement video from the band, though reading the written statement first might help.

"The writing process was a bit different for this album," says Cocchi. "We took a step back and kind of reviewed some of our older material. Typically we'd rush and blast out a group of songs and then hit the studio. At the time it felt right. And It had a more organic feel. Now because of a combination of maturity and honestly just feeling sick of the same old formula, we really focused on creating something different sounding."

Cocchi concludes, "We went back to a more organic style of writing and production. I personally was finally able to abandon a lot of my writing habits or 'rules,' if you will. No more 'oh, that part doesn't really sound like us, have to change that,' type of bullshit. Doing that created a fresher sound. This is the most raw and extreme sounding material we've ever written. Keep an eye out for studio blogs and more updates."

It'll be cool to see what "creating something different sounding" means to Within The Ruins, who has forged its own identifiable sound over the years. Here's the video too, as promised.

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