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MINDSCAR Get Help From Pagan Senatorial Candidate Augustus Invictus on New Track

Posted by on May 13, 2016 at 4:06 pm

So remember when that guy running for Senate got into all that shit for drinking goats blood? Well, guess what? Turns out he REALLY likes death metal, because of course he does. He was recently kind enough to guest on the latest track from Florida's technical death metal masters Mindscar. Their song, "A Faceless Force That Must Die" is an absolute motherfucker of a piece, featuring all of the blackened madness that has made Mindscar such a mainstay in their scene for so long. Driving forward and borrowing from both the best of old and new it will crack your skull and hold you in thrall to the music. In other news – judging by the lyrics and Invictus's speech that comes midway through the track he is most certainly NOT a Nazi.

The point being: get on in here and rage with us to one of the most wonderfully vicious tracks that you are going to hear coming out of the Florida scene this year. Come on in – the blood is fine!

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