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Is PORCUPINE TREE Coming Back In 2016?

Posted by on November 19, 2014 at 12:04 pm

On November 14, PortaleSquizofrenia.com published an article regarding their investigative work into the potential for progressive rock legends Porcupine Tree to make their return. Unfortunately the whole thing is in what I assume to be Spanish so Google Translate did its best to tell me what the interview says. Bear with me here.

In the second paragraph, which serves as a portion of the introduction section of the segment, the author throws in this shiny tidbit of golden information.

"But to our knowledge, as of 2016, without specifying exact date, including being able to delay the return to 2017 , plans to rescue his longtime band, which has given more hits: Porcupine Tree."

The article then cites someone named "Eduardo," whose real name is being concealed. According to the article, Eduardo is someone very close to Porcupine Tree frontman and solo artist Steven Wilson. Eduardo also says something should be revealed soon enough… or that's what I'm gathering. The broken English from the translation leaves the meaning up to the reader a little more than I'd like it to.

"Eduardo (we will not give more data privacy issue), from Frankfurt, gave the track of the news, and recently have been able to confirm it by contrasting this data return with a source environment Porcupine Tree and direct relationship with the web. 'I talked to xxx … me this week revealed that Wilson had said he wanted to get Porcupine Tree in a couple of years to 2016 ' and Eduardo told us the news, but we have omitted the direct source. To us it qualified us: 'Maybe, we'll see …' but confirming the intention of Wilson, which affected him directly. You may soon desvelemos identity."

The article elaborates a little more on Eduardo as well.

"We can only confirm that it is not a 'friend of a friend' or 'brother's cousin' but someone very close to Wilson in his career."

If you've been following the absence of Porcupine Tree, you'll know that they've never really "broken up." Instead, they just went on an extended hiatus to go do other things and nobody in the band ever explicitly stated the group was absolutely, irrevocably over.

So we'll see! Come on 2016, get here! In the meantime, Steven Wilson has been teasing us to death with little videos for his upcoming 2015 solo record. Might as well give that a view while you wait, yeah?

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