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REDEMPTION Has Three Famous Ex-MEGADETH Guitarists On Its New Record

Posted by on October 9, 2015 at 2:32 pm

As we all know by know, Redemption's guitarist Bernie Versailles in out on indefinite medical leave due to severe compilcations. So how the hell is Redemption putting out a brand new record titled The Art Of Loss in early 2016 via Century Media? With a whole lot of help from a few ex-Megadeth guitarists!

The new album will feature solos from the likes of ex-Megadeth axemen Chris Broderick and Marty Friedman, as well as guitarist Chris Poland doing most of the guitar work on the record in place of Versailles for the time being. I guess this is how you make the best of a bad situation, right? Apparently there's going to be one song titled "Thirty Silver" that will feature solos from all three… so y'know, holy shit.

Here's hoping we get a single soon enough!

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