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Somebody Is Willing To Pay $100 For DEVIN TOWNSEND's Spatula

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 1:00 pm

…And when I say spatula, I mean like, literally his spatula, not his cock, you fucking pervert. Devy is seriously selling a spatula on eBay which as of this writing, is up to a $102 bid. The only product description offered is "super shi**y" – so at least he's honest. In the FAQ section, his wife Tracy assures everybody that they are not going bankrupt and just "have a ton of not-needed stuff cluttering the place and a very expensive new Ziltoid puppet in the works," adding, "Seemed like a good idea." Hey, if somebody is willing to spend a hundo on a spatula, you damn right it's a good idea. And it's for the greater good, our entertainment! [Deciblog via Metalsucks]

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