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Metal Injection gets exclusive details on upcoming TRIVIUM album

Posted on January 30, 2008

During our interview with TRIVIUM at NAMM 2008, vocalist and lead guitarist Matt Heafy reveled new details about the writing/recording of their new CD, the followup to 2006's The Crusade:

"We started demoing after Family Values, like October. We started writing some songs, demoing them. The demo quality is so good it sounds like a real album, which is awesome, so it gives us a really good basis to compare and fix shit, so we've been revising and going back in and changing shit up. We're doing another set of demos. I think we're probably going to have 30 songs to pick from and we're working with Nick Raskalenicks (FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH, DEATH ANGEL)"

Watch the entire interview above!

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