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Let's Examine The New SLIPKNOT Masks

Posted by on September 12, 2014 at 12:42 pm

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#6 Shawn "Clown" Crahan

I think Clown has the coolest mask upgrade. To be fair, his masks were always the creepiest, but he's really outdone himself this time. I would not want to wake up to that face staring at me. You also kind of get a darker look at Mick Thompson's updated, but still relatively unchanged mask.


Old mask for reference:

Slipknot Clown 2013

#7 Mick Thompson

Speaking of Mick, his masks typically do not change much from album to album, because it already looks so brutal and the pattern continued…


Old mask for reference:

mick thompson

#4 Jim Root

It's hard to notice much change in Jim's mask as well, other than perhaps less mask near the chin area to make room for his massive beard:

Jim-Root-1 Jim-Root-2

Old mask for reference:

Jim Root

#5 Craig "133" Jones

Has anybody figured out what this guy does in the band yet? His masks basically never change. It's hard to notice a difference between this and his previous mask:


No need for reference.

#0 Sid Wilson

The award for second coolest mask upgrade goes to DJ Sid Wilson, for sure.

Sid-Wilson Sid-Wilson-2

Last mask for reference:

Sid Wilson

#3  Chris Fehn

Chris's mask got a shiny metallic upgrade:

Chris-Fehn-1 Chris-Fehn-2

Old mask for reference:

Slipknot Clown 2013

…and that just leaves us with the new guys…

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