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KORN Look Back On Writing "Helmet In The Bush" While High on Speed

Posted by on May 15, 2015 at 11:58 am

A few months back, I was shocked to learn that Korn was high on meth the whole time they recorded their debut album. According to the comments on the page, it was old news to most, but I was a huge Korn fan about 15 years ago and I never once heard them talk about meth. I guess I didn't put the pieces together.

Anyway, the band is continuing their reflective video series on their debut album. Previously, they released a clip talking about their controversial song "Faget," and now it's time for the track "Helmet In The Bush" to get the same treatment.

Some highlights from the clip, if you can't watch the video…

Head describes the songwriting process:

"We were rehearsing, getting ready to record our record, I believe, and we ended up doing some speed that night. Me, Jonathan and Munky, we stayed over in the studio that night and we wrote that song, he had the lyrics right there. It was about calling out to God to get us off meth. And that happened like 10 years later to me, so it was a trip, it was like a prediction. "

JD explains the title of the song:

"Helmet In The Bush" is about meth. It’s about when you do meth and you look down at your dick and it’s literally a helmet in the bush [laughs]."

Fieldy elaborates:

"Basically it’s what happens when you do too much drugs and your girl wanna get with you and you got some man problems down below. Just another reason not to do drugs, children."

The man makes a great point. Don't do meth! Davis went on to say he kicked the habit cold-turkey as soon as the band hit the road. Here's the video:

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