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Ex-CHIMAIRA/DÅÅTH Guitarist Emil Werstler Launches Experimental Band, VERLORENER

Posted by on June 20, 2017 at 12:34 pm

You might know Emil Werstler from his work in Dååth, his one-off project Levi / Werstler, or maybe his work toward the end of Chimaira's career. Now you'll know him from his new experimental group Verlorener, which sounds nothing like his previous efforts at all.

You can check out the teaser for the project at the bottom of this post, which really doesn't sound like anything he's done in the past, and donate to his IndieGoGo to get the whole project completed and available to the public here.

Though with a dude like Werstler, did you really want just another crazy heavy project?

This is the most important record I’ve done up to this point because It’s the first time I’ve created something without compromising. It is not targeted towards a certain audience, listener, or expectation. Because of that, I feel like it is something truly unique.

With my previous work, the listener was only getting a fraction of a musical statement out of me, where as this is the complete version of what is truly inside of my head. This is what I’m intending to say and the sound I want to be known for.

The record is a self produced eight song full length that has been complete since December 2016. Although the guitar is present, the general emphasis is on the music and band’s sound as a whole.

I’ve decided to crowd fund this release because it is the only logical way I can emphasize the things that I feel are essential to an album being great. The visual representation of this record is just as important as the music and with your contribution, I’ll be able to properly showcase both.

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