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Bummer Alert

SLAVIA Vocalist Loses Battle With Cancer, Dead at 31

Posted by on November 22, 2011 at 11:08 am

Sad news coming out of Norway, as Slavia vocalist Jonas Christiansen was found dead in his apartment this past Thursday. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, and was currently being treated at a top notch hospital in Norway. Christiansen died a day before a benefit concert was to be held for him to help raise funds to treat his cancer.

The benefit, which was called "Algir – Støttekonsert For Jonas R. Christiansen", was turned into a memorial show, and went off without a hitch. Jonas Christiansen's father spoke a few words about his son, and all the bands slated to perform played.

Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone, Hoest from Taake, and Frost and Satyr from Satyricon played several Darkthrone songs together, which I thought was pretty fucking amazing. Some dude uploaded some clips from the evening on YouTube, which you can view his playlist here. And here is the foursome playing "Under a Funeral Moon" below:

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