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TERRORIZER MAGAZINE Hasn't Released An Issue All Year, While Still Charging Subscribers. Is It Dead?

Posted by on March 15, 2018 at 11:56 am

It looks like another metal magazine has bit the dust, but the problem is they are still charging their subscribers. Terrorizer Magazine is celebrating its 25 anniversary this year, but sadly, it doesn't look like it will have a twenty-sixth.

ToiletOvHell reports the last physical issue of the magazine came out in November 2017. The issue, which featured Myrkur on the cover, would be the last subscribers receive. Since then, the magazine's socials have gone dark, and even worse, subscribers with auto-renewals are still being charged, even though they are receiving no product.

ToiletOvHell reports that while the magazine hasn't posted to social media since December, there are plenty of subscribers who posted about being charged for magazines they haven't been receiving.

The magazine wrote of financial problems in September of 2017, but haven't yet provided any further updates:

To add even more bad news to the situation, the magazine's writers have been kept in the dark since the beginning of the year as well. One of the writers posted a comment saying he reached out to the Reviews Editor, who has no idea what's going on either:

“Spoke to the Reviews Editor at the end of January/start of February, when he took it upon himself to email all the regular contributors just to apologise and say that he was just as much in the dark as the rest of us. He’d been doing a bang up job trying to keep things going and keep things afloat to be honest, and had even made sure that all the reviews and EOTY lists for December got done… only, for whatever reason, the issue never got published.”

If it really is the end of Terrorizer, it's sad to lose another voice in the metal world, and one that would give prominent spotlight to more underground artists as well as breaks for metal writers.

We'll keep you posted if Terrorizer offers any updates.

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