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Corey Taylor Has A Theory For Why Rock & Metal Are Ignored At Award Shows

Posted by on October 12, 2018 at 11:46 am

Rock and metal aren't exactly loved by major televised award shows. The awards for best metal performances are generally given out prior to the televised event and it's pretty rare to see a performance by a heavier act on stage. Which is understandable – heavy music isn't for everyone. But man, did the American Music Awards (AMA) screw up or what when it came to rock and metal?

If you happened to miss it, the AMAs managed to give rap group Migos the award for Favorite Duo/Group in the pop and rock category. Their competition was Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5, both of which do not fulfill the latter category… but Migos? Really?

It all started when Eddie Trunk took to Twitter to call the award going to Migos "sickening, disgusting, and offensive," while producer took solace in the fact that publications like Metal Hammer at least have legitimate rock and metal award shows. More conversation took place between fans and then Corey Taylor jumped in, saying that rock and metal has "too much attitude" for award shows, that rock can't be used to sell products and is being whittled down to basically nothing by them anyway.

I guess Migos sort of makes sense in the pop category? But then why bother throwing in the "rock" genre if you're not going to nominate any rock artists. Placation only works if you're actually placating someone. As for the "rock has too much attitude" comment, sure, but I think the real reason rock and metal isn't represented is because it's not a big enough audience in the demographics they're targeting with these shows. Commercials are bought with the promise of a certain viewership, and whatever corporation is putting on that show is going to do their damndest to get that viewership number. Thus, pop music and whatever's on the radio.

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