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Exclusive: DENDRITIC ARBOR Induce the "Cotard Delusion"

Posted by on November 23, 2015 at 5:43 pm

Pittsburgh-based experimental black metal grindcore band Dendritic Arbor have been an a tear all of 2015. They first came to my attention when my good friend Islander over at Nocleansinging.com showed me their single at the time, "Genie", which came out in early January of 2015. The band has gone on to release a stunning and acclaimed full-length called Romantic Love this past May as well. As if that wasn't enough, they now have two EPs set to be released in the near future. One of them will be coming out later through the efforts of MetalSucks who helped them record it, and who recently premiered a song off it called "Snake Oil". The other EP, and the one we are premiering off of today, is called Sentient Village // Obsolescent Garden. It's set to drop on December 30th, just in time for one final maddening sonic meltdown from Dendritic Arbor to end the year with.

We are very happy to be able to share the demented assault of "Cotard Delusion" with you all today. For those who don't know, the Cotard Delusion is a mental illness where the person suffering under it believes themselves to be dead or in a state of dying. To me, this is a lot more interesting subject matter than the usual hail satan cliched black metal nonsense. In a lot of ways, "Cotard Delusion" brings to mind every facet of their varied sound, which has always made me think of them as the American black metal influenced Fuck The Facts kind of band. Their goal has always seemed to be similar to Fuck The Facts in their desire to experiment frequently, and re-combine a variety of sounds and styles in fresh and interesting ways.  The song opens with a harsh noisey segment that quickly segues into a twisted and creative merging of black metal, grind, death metal, and doom elements. Within the dark and harsh depths of "Cotard Delusion, their technical grindcore passages really bring another intensity to their music that brings to mind bands like Discordance Axis, Creation Is Crucifixion, and Maruta. If you need more music in your life where every song leaves you just as mystified as it does horrified, then you need to check "Cotard Delusion" out immediately.

You can pre-order Sentient Village // Obsolescent Garden here.


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