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Who Knew ALICE IN CHAINS' "Angry Chair" Worked As A Black Metal Song?

Posted by on April 21, 2015 at 3:29 pm

A few days ago The Absence drummer Jeremie Kling hit me up about his and Infernaeon guitarist Taylor Nordberg's new black metal project titled Dritt Skit, which is literally "shit" in Swedish and Norwegian. We talked about the group's debut record Arachnid Assailant being released on Bandcamp and, more importantly, Dritt Skit's version of Alice In Chains' "Angry Chair." Who the hell knew the song could work so well as a black metal jam?

I love that it sticks pretty closely to the original to start off and then goes totally black metal as the song progresses! Even at the start where things aren't straying too far off into the realms of frostbitten grim trveness, the song just feels black metal… so good job Dritt Skit for recognizing Alice In Chains' trve inner black metal!

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