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Mexico's History Runs Through the Blackened Blood of TEZCATLIPOCA on "Notlacahcahualiz Ica Yetztli, Cipactli"

Posted by on September 13, 2018 at 10:40 am

Mexican black metal stretches as far into the past as does the second wave of black metal in Scandinavia. Bands like Xibalba Itzaes (formerly known as Xibalba before the Xibalba you're thinking of), Ereshkigal, and Avzhia were some of the early pioneers of Mexico's blackened fury. Over the years, these bands weaved together Mexican heritage with raw production, furious riffs, and wild blast beats. This fusion has been a staple of Mexico's sound for the better part of 25 years now. Modern bands like Tezcatlipoca carry on this tradition wonderfully, like on their upcoming album, Tlayohualtlapelani.

The Mexican quartet channels the ancient ones through Nahuatl language—one of Mexico's roughly 65 indigenous languages. On their second album's opening track, "Notlacahcahualiz Ica Yetztli, Cipactli," they certainly capture an aborigine flair. A storm opens the track before a lurching rhythm unfurls from the clouds. Native flute sections emerge and instill a sense of Mexican folk at times. Still, much of the track revolves around swirling madness. Though production is raw, the guitars and drums are precise. They circle around menacing vocals for the better part of five minutes. With each passing moment is a glimpse into Mexico's past.

For those who fought in the war!
For those who suffered cold and hunger!
For those who shed their blood!

By the Ancient Mexicans!

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