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VILDHJARTA Posts 90 Seconds Of A New Song Possibly Called "Kaos 2"

Posted by on March 5, 2019 at 1:49 pm

The mystery of what the hell ever happened to Vildhjarta has not yet been solved, but the band has let us know today that they're certainly not dead. Last we heard from the band was a mysterious one minute of new music with no accompanying information in 2016 and today is very much the same. Vildhjarta just posted 90 seconds of a new track apparently called "Kaos 2" with, as has been the case, no accompanying information. Last we actually heard from the group was in 2015 when they briefly announced they were writing a new record.

Vildhjarta also returned to the stage in 2018 at Euroblast. So maybe they're finally gearing up to release some new music? As it stands, Vildhjarta's discography is their 2009 EP Omnislash, 2011 record Måsstaden and 2013 EP Thousands of Evils.

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