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SLIPKNOT DJ Sid Wilson's New Song “†He©U®e” Is A Song By Sid Wilson

Posted by on July 11, 2018 at 3:33 pm

One positive thing that can definitely be said of the new Sid Wilson solo track  “†He©U®e” is that it is definitely a song that Sid Wilson from Slipknot released. We're all out of any other nice things to say about the new track.

The track was just unveiled and comes from Wilson's upcoming solo album, ∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢, which, for those of you above the age of 13 reads as "Sexcapades of the Hopeless Robotic." very l33t. very h@X0®. So about this song, you can see the music video for it below:

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It's like almost Slipknot visuals without any of the music.

∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢ comes out August 17th. Here is the press release for the album:

“‘∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢‘ is a metaphoric creative representation of the heart and mind inside a body of work known as the artist “SID” (tHe aLieN kiNg). The cover art can be translated as this… SID is an alien without a home planet traveling thru dark space being assimilated by a cold robotic force known as “tHe feMALe”, and is attempting to save the last part of him that remains human, his heart. Will he conquer love or be consumed by the robotic force sweeping the Universe?”

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