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NEKROKRAFT Are Here to Mosh Your Face Off With A Ballsy Blackened Thrash Assault!

Posted by on February 20, 2018 at 3:45 pm

Raging over-the-top blackened thrash metal band, Nekrokraft clearly understand the desire to mosh faces off. This is a group with the same sort of punk inspired 'fuck you' attitude that made the genre so great in the first place.

Defined by high powered riffs, demented vocals and stellar production, their new single 'Mouth Of Ahriman' off of their upcoming record, Servants, is a masterful offering and a potent musical statement. Burly and eloquent, Nekrokraft borrows from some of the most exciting sides of the genre in order to create something bombastic and powerful. Their use of keys, fairly rare in the blackened thrash subgenre only serves to add to the inherent drama of the music and make it all the more delectable. This is the kind of skull cracking thrash that will remind you why you fell in love with heavy metal.

The band had this to say:

“The lyrical theme on Servants is inspired by ancient mythology, both early Babylonian and Scandinavian folklore. When it comes to the instrumental parts, production wise we went for a “flesh hits the fan”-kind of sound. It’s a modern take on old school blackened melodic thrash makes our horns grow and fill the air with a putrid stench of aggression, melody, groove, anxiety and disgust. Listen to “Mouth ov Ahriman” and feast upon the succor of flesh!”

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